Jacob Kafka, animator


Monkey Business:
The Adventures of Curious George's Creators


I was the lead animator on this documentary about Hans and Margret Rey, the authors of Curious George. Directed by Ema Ryan Yamazaki.

Cold Feet

A heartwarming tale of two turtles on a winter day. 7 minute animated short.

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"Based on a True Story"
Spring 2012

A 6 minute short, my senior thesis film at NYU. It's about a little girl who tries to dig to the moon.

Rough animated in Flash, inked/colored in Photoshop, composited in After Effects, 3D elements animated in Blender and rotoscoped in Photoshop.

ASIFA-East Animation Festival, Best in Show
NYU First Run Film Festival, 2nd prize Wasserman award
Woodstock Film Festival, official selection
Animation Block Party, official selection
GIRAF Animation Festival, official selection

Fall 2010

Short film made for Intermediate Animation class at NYU. Animated in Photoshop and After Effects, 3D elements animated in Blender.

Woodstock Film Festival official selection
National Board of Review student grant awardee

Animation exercises - Action Analysis I
Animation exercises - Action Analysis II
Fall 2009/Spring 2010

Animation exercises for Action Analysis classes at NYU. Some pencil/paper, some Flash.

The Boy Who Cried Wolf, Abridged
Spring 2009

Final project for Intro to Animation class at NYU. Animated in Flash.

Stephen Colbert vs. Rancor
August 2006

My entry in Stephen Colbert's Green Screen Challenge. It was shown on The Colbert Report and got over 1,500,000 views on YouTube. The rancor model is from SciFi3d. Animated in Blender.

June 2006 - October 2007

An animated webseries about four security guards who protect an array of dangerous and unpredictable lightswitches from nefarious folks who would try to harness their power. Five one-minute episodes. Animated in Blender.

March 2005

A Peanuts/Star Wars crossover fanfilm. Animated in Blender.